Irrigation and Land Drainage

Location Description Client Value Rs. Million Duration
Colombo District, Western Province, Sri Lanka
This project was carried out as part of the Metro Colombo Urban Development Project; the work consisted of construction of Aluth Mawatha Culvert, Mutuwal Box Drain, Tunnel Man Holes, Canal Bank improvements at the Mutuwal Sea out fall and protection of main drain. All works were completed and handed over in December 2014. Funded by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development this was completed at a contact amount of LKR 410 Million.
Ministry of Defense & Urban Development 410.0 18 Months
Construction of Aluth Mawatha Culvert, Mutwal Box Drain, Mutwal Tunnel Manholes, Bank Improvements at Mutwal Sea Out-Fall and Canal Bank Protection Works of Main Drain. Contract No: MCUDP/SLLRDC/W/02/NCB/2012 Metro Colombo Urban Development Project, Ministry of Defence and Urban Development, 15/5, Baladaksha Mawatha, Colombo 03 410.0
The Civil Works 1. Contract No. 2011 / 03 - 002 Chief Representative Sri Lanka Office, Japan International Cooperation Agency, 13th Floor, DHPL Building, No: 42, Navam Mawatha, Colombo 02 47.9
Construction of Tank Bund, Spill and Suice at Ottupallama. Department of Irrigation, Colombo 07. 10.5

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